Online meetings vs. webinars: what small businesses stand to gain


As the old saying goes, “Time waits for no man.”  When it comes to your [and most importantly, your client’s] time, here’s what every small business needs to know about the purpose of online meetings and webinars, as well as some tools:

Online meetings are used typically to exchange ideas and information, as well as share progress on deliverables. Skype, Google Hangout and BigMarker are excellent tools to use for people to come together to do just that.  Some Google Hangout best practices can be found in keyboard short-cuts, tagging users in posts and private messaging.

While webinars allow the dissemination of information, its use is more-so for instructional purposes.  Tools like Slideshare, GoToMeeting, WebEx and BigMarker’s real-time forums provide a space for online instruction followed by Q & A.  Documentation is always provided in webinars in real-time, sometimes as a take-away..  Best practices can be found in providing documentation via limited re-play for people who couldn’t attend during the original “air date.”

Depending on the number of dedicated lines available, these are the most effective ways to train people en masse, in a single setting.

Here’s an article I wrote on BigMarker last year that details how they do double-duty in both hosting online meetings as well as providing online instructional space:

Whatever path you choose, always be sure to get the most bang for your brand’s [and clients’!] time… which will lead to the big bucks.

To your success!